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  • (of tubing and other wellbore assembly elements)
  • (of dropped and accidentally lost downhole tools)
  • (of inflow into the well)
  • (of safety and regulatory/gaslift valves in the nipples or tubing-pockets)
  • (barite and other chemical scaling in the borehole during oil production)
  • (due to isolation and fitting problems, or faulty seals)

New, high-resolution and temperature-proof era in the downhole visual monitoring of hydrocarbon and geothermal wells

Zerlux' downhole camera technology enables operators to gather earlier not known depth precise and up-to-date, even real-time information regarding the current status of the given wellbore, facilitating detailed and highly visualized borehole investigations and allowing operators to particular focus on their surveys on examined well sections quickly and efficiently.

Zerlux offers a downhole camera family for all kinds of deployment methods (fiber, slickline, wireline, E-line) or even with CT (coiled tubing) units available in both the online (real-time) connected and memory card mode among extreme temperature and pressure conditions, but in every cases the Full HD quality recording is guaranteed.

Applying an Improved and Unique Lens Cleaning Technology Zerlux cameras will be suitable for multiply cleaning of camera lenses in order to remove oil or condensate origin contamination during the run-in-hole process, so currently lone in the market our cameras are applicable to visualize wellbore status even in strongly contaminated oil wells.

Case Study

Main application areas

  • Inspection of wellbore hardware including status of wellhead equipment, safety valves, and borehole nipples
  • Inspection and monitoring of corrosion and erosion
  • Exact imaging dropped objects and wellbore fishing support
  • Highly visualized monitoring fluid flows and inflow locations
  • Scale, salt & hydrate identification
  • Gas storage well assemblies and downhole Gravel-pack filters inspection
  • Open hole imaging of formations

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  • highest wellbore
  • highest wellbore
    558 bar
  • deepest reached
    6158 m
  • audited quality
    management system
    ISO 9001
  • successfully
    done jobs
  • successful operations
    in off-shore circumstances


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